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Events : Exploring diachronic collocations with DiaCollo

Type of event Vortragsreihe
Title of the event Exploring diachronic collocations with DiaCollo
Speaker Dr. Bryan Jurish, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin, Zentrum Sprache

Row GCDH Evening Lectures
Shortdescription J. R. Firth's much-quoted principle that "you shall know a word by the company it keeps" has had wide-reaching implications not only for linguistics and lexicography, but also for traditionally hermeneutic disciplines such as history or literary studies. A word's company (its collocates) may however change over time, reflecting changes in that word's meaning and/or in the focus of the discourse in which it is embedded. Traditional collocation extractors treat the underlying text corpus as a homogenous whole, and thus cannot adequately account for such diachronic changes in a word's collocation behavior. DiaCollo is an open-source software tool which was explicitly developed in the context of the CLARIN project for the efficient extraction, comparison, and interactive visualization of collocations from a diachronic text corpus, to aid historians in their analysis of the changes in discourse topics associated with selected terms as manifested by changes in those terms' context distributions. This workshop will describe the technical underpinnings of the DiaCollo software and demonstrate its application with several concrete examples.
Date Start: 19.06.2017, 18:15 Uhr
Ende: 19.06.2017 , 19:45 Uhr
Location Heynehaus, Papendiek 16, Raum 1
Organizer Göttingen Center for Digital Humanities
Contact 0551 39-7541
Registration required nein